Design Fixation: Do Something Different With Your Pumpkins


Do Something Different With Your Pumpkins

Classic jack-o-lanterns are fun, but why not get a bit creative with your Halloween decor this year? Above are a few of my favorite creative pumpkin ideas. Isn't that first bouquet just stunning? Pink and white are not typical autumn colors, but it still feels very fall. They all originated on Pinterest... which I am currently even more obsessed with than I was two weeks ago.

Drop by later this week for a roundup of easy DIY sewing tutorials.

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  1. What great ideas Faith! I have been wanting to do a floral arrangement in a pumpkin for so long! I'm feeling inspired, maybe I'll do one this weekend!

  2. Yes, you should definitely try it! I know, I just love the look of a painted pumpkin with bright pink flowers....


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