Design Fixation: {Typeface Tuesday} Ebay's New Logo


{Typeface Tuesday} Ebay's New Logo

Ebay recently redesigned its logo, something that the company hadn't done since its inception in 1995. The new logo retains the original logo's colors, but the organized feel of the new iteration is quite a departure from its original overlapping design. Below is the old one...
This is a perfect example of the effect of typography. The colors are the same but because the font and layout have changed, the logo has a completely different feel. On a side note, though... if I had been tasked with redesigning Ebay's logo (I wish!), I would have changed the color scheme also. The primary colors make it feel a bit juvenile. But that's just me.

Read more about the logo change over at the LATimes.

Isn't it amazing how much typography changes things? How about you, what do you think about the new logo?

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  1. Great post! I always make my logos transparent but will now make sure they're small too... and placed elsewhere. I really like the look of the posters with the title left justified too. Amazing Logo Design

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