Design Fixation: End of Summer in PTown


End of Summer in PTown

Last weekend I gave summer the sendoff that it deserves... with one last hurrah in Provincetown, MA. I stayed on a beautiful boat in the Provincetown Marina, and spent my days wandering in and out of the fun shops on Commercial Street. I also did a little people-watching, admiring the white outfits and scantily clad boys. And of course I had to go see Drag Karaoke at Governor Bradford's. So much fun!

Above are a few of my photos from the trip. The first image was taken halfway to the top of Pilgrim Monument. Yes, I made it all the way to the top. The second was outside of toy store by the beach. Third was the stunning blue moon, taken from the marina. To the left is the dock where the fast ferries come in. And lastly... a little birthday celebration for my other half :)

Also, I love the attention to canine needs in PTown... dogs get thirsty too:

All images by me.

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