Design Fixation: Martha's Vineyard Trip Highlights


Martha's Vineyard Trip Highlights

I took the first photograph in Edgartown. There was a wedding happening on the other side of the lighthouse when I took it, which I didn't know until afterward!

The next view is in Aquinnah, which feels like the end of the world. It is the western-most tip of the island, and it takes 40 minutes of rural driving to finally get there - but it is certainly worth the trip. This is, in my opinion, the most spectacular view in the northeast.

I took the photo of the waves at South Beach, in a rare moment of calm surf. Let's just say that you should wear a one-piece bathing suit if you go swimming here....

The brightly-colored home was in Oak Bluffs, down by the water. The turquoise paint color was a welcome departure from the wooden shingle siding that graced the exteriors of 90% of the houses on the island.

Despite a couple of rainy days, the trip was a definite success - I think I'm addicted to Martha's Vineyard. Is it possible to have an addiction to an island? There's just something about riding your bike in that fresh sea air....

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  1. It's definitely possible to have an addiction to an island... I've had one for MV my entire life 50+ years :)


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