Design Fixation: Faith's 25 Minute Dress


Faith's 25 Minute Dress

It's time for another sewing tutorial - Faith's 25 Minute Dress! Some of you may remember my 15 Minute Dress and my 20 Minute Dress... well I thought I'd continue the trend with a third dress that's a bit fancier. This fun little one-shoulder number would be perfect for a wedding, a date or for a night out on the town with the girls.

Just as before, the step-by-step instructions are easy to understand and geared toward all skill levels (even beginners). All you need is a yard and a half of stretch fabric, scissors, elastic and a sewing machine or a needle and thread. The only difference this time is that the tutorial costs $3.99... hey, a girl's gotta eat!

Just click the button below, and you will be redirected to Paypal. Once your payment goes through, you will automatically be sent a link to download the printable PDF file. Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. I'm really impressed by the dress you made. The picture, as well, taken to display the details of the dress draws my emotion and intrigues me to purchase... WELL DONE!
    I would recommend as a suggestion to play just a little with the different angles (especially for tutorial videos where viewers can see from an arial view) and background that best absorbs the sunlight and reflects it on the dress.

    Rejuvenate Vita
    "Unique-Styled Gifts at Affordable Prices"

  2. Thanks very much! And I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Hi Faith! I need a floor length grey dress for a wedding, and I'm wondering if you've tried making this in a longer length? I'm super tall so this might be the perfect solution since things in shops never fit me! Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. I think that it would look wonderful as a floor length dress! I haven't tried it yet, but all you would have to do is add some extra fabric onto the bottom of the dress panels.

    And if there's one thing I've learned during my years of sewing... dresses tend to turn out shorter than you think they will so it's always best to add lots of extra fabric. You can always trim the bottom when it's finished!

  5. Hey, I was wondering whether I would be able to "flip" this pattern somehow so that the shoulder is on the right side instead of the left? Please get back to me soon!

  6. Hey, me again! I was also wondering whether I could make this dress with two layers of fabric. I want to add a layer of something sheer like chiffon or lace. Will that be difficult? I'm a first-timer. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    Thanks again!

  7. Hi Mick - Yes, you could definitely flip it to have the shoulder piece on the other side. As far as your second question about two layers... I think that might be tougher. But you could probably make two dresses, one out of the lining layer and one from the chiffon, and then hand sew them together at the top. Interesting ideas!

  8. Hi Faith, I was thinking that for someone who has mobility issues, you could sew a zipper into the side seam for an easier in and out.


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