Design Fixation: Día de los Muertos Wallpaper


Día de los Muertos Wallpaper

Most of us know that I'm a sucker for a good piece of wallpaper... but you might not know that I'm also intrigued by the Día de los Muertos style, which means "day of the dead" in Spanish and is characterized by decorative skulls. So as you can imagine, I was quite excited to see this beauty. Aren't those colors wonderful? Thanks for the sending me this link, E! Buy it here.

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  1. Haven't seen anything on Dia de los Muertos since I last saw my Spanish teacher before changing cities. I find a lot of people are interested by it... Mind you, a wallpaper? It's beautiful but ahh I dunno if I could sleep.

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  2. I know, it does have a slightly sinister feel....

  3. I think it is gorgeous myself although I've shied away from any permanent installations of wallpaper since I got the last of the awful selections from my house's previous owners scraped from the walls. I think this design would be great on a folding screen or a wall canvas that can be put away after the season.

  4. Yes, although I love it too, this wallpaper is definitely not for everyone... that's a great idea to use it in a less permanent way.


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