Design Fixation: Pretty In Pink


Pretty In Pink

Pink doesn't have to be feminine.... if used in small doses, pink can be a flattering color in almost any room. Above are some great examples of the effective use of the rosy hue. Isn't that subway print fabulous? Wonder if there is an MBTA version?

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  1. Wow I love that pink carpet under the table, it actually looks really chic. I'm not a big fan of pink lol as you'll see, I try to avoid it when I make my stuff, but that actually looks sweet and cozy :)

    Do you have any recommendations on what material to use when making blankets for pets or beds for pets? I'm trying to find something that doesn't let hair stick to it... My dog loses lots of it.

    You can find my contact information at (also browse around if you have a couple min :) )

    Rejuvenate Vita Co-Partner
    Ottawa, Ontario

  2. I struggle with that as well, my dog loves to shed! I got a mini down comforter for him and made a duvet cover using a fabric that is a similar tone to his fur color, so at least the fur isn't visually noticeable. And then you can just throw the duvet in the washing machine every now and then. Any fabric that is on the "slippery" side can be brushed off easier than something like flannel. Good luck!


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