Design Fixation: Stationery Doesn't Have to Be Boring


Stationery Doesn't Have to Be Boring

I think that personal stationery and event invitations are a great opportunity to be creative. There are so many young companies just starting out.... so more creative does not necessarily mean more expensive. I've gathered some of my recent favorites for you. And be sure to click on the links to see the other cards in their inventory. Above is a unique save the date card by Cheerupcherup that combines a bit of science with pretty art.

Next up we have a creative take on a wedding invitation, using a dictionary as inspiration. I really enjoy that the designer included more than just the definition of a wedding, but highlighted that section by lightening the remaining text. Bravo Shed Letterpress!

Onto some cheeky everyday stationery.... this card is simple and gets right to the point. The monochromatic color scheme along with a bright envelope is a lovely combination. Better yet - it's eco-friendly! You're The Bomb is from the good people over at OrangeTwist. 

And another colloquialism from Fancy Seeing You Here, with a dash of humor incorporated with the addition of a broken twig. Very clever guys, very clever. The placement of the image is refreshing too, they could have easily dropped it right on the center of the card and it would not have been as effective.

This card is really more about the concept behind the party and some clever rhyming... but the design of the card is lovely as well. Very circus in the 50's. Life Is Pretty Graphic did a great job showing the recipient exactly what the card was about using images, then choice an appropriate typeface to go with the theme.

This last one is pretty ridiculous, but so much so that I laughed out loud and decided I should probably include it with this list. Perfect for all your Zoolander-loving friends. Brought to you by Zsu Zsu Illustrations.

I hope this list has opened your eyes to the wide range of stationery available to you. And if none of these strike your fancy.... here comes a shameless plug.... feel free to contact me at about (affordable) custom-designed invitations or stationery. Check out my portfolio here.

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