Design Fixation: When I Was 8...


When I Was 8...

...neon was cool. Really cool. Well, good news - it's hot again! It's one of the stylish new trends for spring! Below I have for you a few of my favorite neon pieces that I've seen around the blogs lately.

Wouldn't those bright, color blocked eggs be such a fun DIY project for Easter? And I'm seeing so many shoes with neon accents... I feel a shopping trip coming on. As if I need any more shoes.

Faith Towers
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  1. hahaha, i was in High School in the 80s. Add Big Hair and the occasional black lipstick, and you're so there.
    Neon Pink Lipstick was my thing!

  2. omg! I can't believe I didn't remember this ~ my mom is a FANTASTIC sempstress {who now hates to sew, I know!} She made me a hot pink Rod Stewart blazer that was the bomb~ wish I still had it!

  3. That sounds amazing! I'm jealous of your 80's wardrobe!


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