Design Fixation: Check Out My Kickstarter Project!


Check Out My Kickstarter Project!

I've long been fascinated with, a crowdfunding site that helps budding entrepreneurs raise capital. I finally decided to launch a campaign, but I've decided to do it in an unconventional way... I'm using Kickstarter to do business rather than to start a business.

Kickstarter approved an average of 74 projects per day last year, but only a handful of projects have ever used this particular method. I plan to use my Kickstarter project as a basis for my budding freelance graphic design career; hopefully I will acquire a larger base of clients which will snowball into a full-fledged design business. 

Everyone needs good design, but not everyone has the money to buy a business card design from a large creative firm. My project is an affordable alternative for those people who appreciate the need for attractive promotional materials.

To check out The Business Card Project (and to watch the short video that I made myself), head over to Kickstarter.

For a copy of the press release, email me at

Thanks guys!

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