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St. Croix

Today I wanted to share with you some photos that I took while I was visiting St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands last week. St. Croix is a unique place - the perimeter of the island is filled with gorgeous beaches and unique bars and restaurants, while the rest of the island is poor and dilapidated. Christiansted, the largest city, has some pretty streets but step a bit too far down the wrong street and you'll want to hold your purse tight.

Below are a few of my favorite images from the week...

This is a view of Jack's Bay, a beach that's only accessible by 
foot. A thirty minute hike makes the water feel pretty darn nice. 
I was surprised to see so many cacti on an island with a rainforest.

This is a beer drinking pig at Norma's bar in the rainforest. He was 
very excited that we were about to feed him his daily can of O'Douls.

There are chickens everywhere in St. Croix. You can hear roosters 
crowing anywhere you go, and every now and then you can see an 
adorable little chick family running around begging for food.

We visited the Cruzan Rum distillery and learned all about the 
art of making rum. We even got to taste a bit of the molasses 
as it was flowing out of the truck into the holding tank.

At Rhythms, near Frederiksted. This brings a new meaning to "fresh fish."

 Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. And watch 
out, it's literally the only place on the island that the 
cops will pull you over for speeding. Trust me.

That's it for today, stop by this weekend for some more abstract images inspired by the wildlife on St. Croix. Have you ever been to the US Virgin Islands? What did you think?

All images by me.

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