Design Fixation: The Bathroom Reveal


The Bathroom Reveal

So it has taken months and months of slow progress, but my tiny bathroom is finally finished! I wrote about my plans for the bathroom ages ago, and I stuck to the plan for the most part (except for the vanity - I chose to keep the existing vanity and go for a new granite top only).

Because I don't plan on living in this 525 square foot condo forever, I've tried to keep all renovations budget-friendly. No drastic renovations involved. Here's a rundown of what I bought and total cost:

Granite countertop: $140 from Overstock Deals
Faucet: $70 from Home Depot
Wall-mount soap dispenser: $60 by Hansgrohe from Amazon
Mirrored medicine cabinet: $80 from Wayfair
Shelf: $40 by Closetmaid from Stapes
Paint: $20 from Benjamin Moore 
Cabinet knobs: $10 at Home Depot
Wall-mount shampoo dispenser: $20 from Bed Bath and Beyond 
Toilet lever: $10 at Home Depot
Toilet seat: $20 at Home Depot
Clear shower curtain: $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond
Metallic plumbers' tape (for the shower curtain): $5 at Home Depot

If my math skills are correct, that's a grand total of $495! Not bad for such a major visual change.

Below are the hideous before pictures - proof that with a little bit of creativity and a lot of elbow grease, you can transform any space....

How about you guys? Have you made any changes to your bathroom? I've seen some great transformations out there in the blogosphere....

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  1. Wow! Huge difference!! My hat's off to you for your vision and bravery:) Such small changes, but such big impact! Your granite counter top wins, and your metallic tape on the clear shower curtain, those were brilliant!
    Thanks for sharing ~

  2. Thanks for posting. I think the metallic tape on shower curtain (quite creative) and the new toilet seat made the biggest difference. Cool!

    1. Yes, those two things definitely gave the space a fresh new feel :) Thanks for reading!


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