Design Fixation: Fifteen Minute Dress Update


Fifteen Minute Dress Update

A little while back I posted a tutorial video for Faith's Fifteen Minute Dress, an easy how-to for a stylish convertible dress that can be worn many different ways. Since then, my humble little post has become somewhat of an internet sensation! Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it has been popping up in lots of different spots on the web.

Thanks to Curbly for posting a more in-depth tutorial with extra step-by-step photos. Click here to check it out. Then the dress popped up on Pinterest. And the other day, I ran across Lindsay Beeson's blog post about her experience making the dress! I can't tell you how exciting it is when someone has created something beautiful using your tutorial. Ahhh! Here is a picture of her version of the Fifteen Minute Dress:

If anyone else has tried making the dress, feel free to send a photo over to me... I'd love to see! And if you missed the original post, here it is. Happy sewing everyone!

Update: If you enjoyed this tutorial, you might want to check out my new 25 Minute Dress! Also, in case you aren't so confident in your sewing skills, I'm now selling these dresses custom-made on Etsy .

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another fab edition of Typeface Tuesday.

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  1. Why thank you, miss! This was such a great first-dress project. Do you like how it only took me *several hours* to complete it? I'm happy to spend the extra time while I'm still learning how to sew, though!

  2. can you please make a how to wear video?


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