Design Fixation: New Entryway Details


New Entryway Details

Above was my inspiration for my new little hallway. Wide stripes with clean, white accents.  The rest of the home is equally as wonderful, you should definitely take a minute to check it out.

Above is the "after" picture that I shared with you yesterday, and below is the dreaded before picture. Very plain, very plain indeed.

And below is the "during" image... all I can suggest is measure, measure, measure. And trust me, I am NOT a math person. I painted the whole area one color, then taped off the stripes and painted the second color. Another tip I can give you is to stick a little piece of tape in the areas not to be painted; less room for error that way.

Hope you like my new entryway, it sure is a nice spot to come home to.

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  1. Love the entryway and the storage area, too. Missed you on our shopping trip to West Elm.


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