Design Fixation: Metallic Wallpaper


Metallic Wallpaper

Everyone always says that a little bit of shine goes a long way in making a room feel more spacious. Case in point, up above. Aren't those silver highlights just superb?

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ALSO: I wanted to invite you to join me over on Google Reader. If you already have an RSS feed, then good for you! Feel free to add me to your list of blogs. If not, then read on my friends....

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is used to consolidate multiple frequently updated websites (such as blogs) into one webpage. If you have a list of more than three or four blogs in your "favorites," then this is for you. An RSS feed allows you to view all new content that you're interested in automatically and in one place, rather than visiting each of your favorite websites individually.

My favorite RSS feed (also referred to as a reader) is Google Reader. To get started, visit* and type in the URL of your favorite blog where it says "Add a subscription." Then add the rest of your favorite blogs in the same manner. It's as easy as that! And each time you'd like to view your blogs, just visit that same link and any new content from your favorite blogs will be displayed in the main window. For some helpful hints and more information, click here. Hope this was helpful to those of you unfamiliar with RSS feeds!

*Note: If you do not have a Google account, you'll have to sign up before you can start adding blogs.


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