Design Fixation: A Restaurant With Style


A Restaurant With Style

The other night I had the opportunity to visit Stoddard's Fine Food and Ale. Now I'll be honest with you, the Macallan Ice Ball Machine was what got me in the door (see the third photo). But I quickly realized that there were going to be many other reasons to return in the future.

The decor was part speakeasy, part old school Boston theatre district. Uniform beer taps lined the bar, and black and white tiled floors with wooden stalls adorned the bathrooms. The food was absolutely delicious; I had duck with quinoa and roasted artichokes. My other half went with comfort food - chicken pot pie. Both make my mouth water just thinking of them. And the beverages were lovely as well; each drink is clearly a labor of love for the bartenders.

So if you ever want a unique spot for dinner in Boston, try Stoddard's at 48 Temple Place. Images by me.

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