Design Fixation: Handmade Dog Sweater


Handmade Dog Sweater

I came across this fabulous dog sweater pattern back when I was only dreaming of having my own puppy... and now that it has become a reality, I was able to dig up that fantastic blog post by Door Sixteen. Here's her cute pup:

My puggle is a bit bigger than her cute little white dog, so I used a big man sweater. I had to put a seam down each side to avoid the cape look, and I used velcro since my Charlie is a wiggly one. This is what the garment looks like flat:

And here's what how my final product looks on the model:


  1. Nice Job! He will be cozy and warm in it..bundle yourself up today as well!!!

  2. Thanks! I know, it was a chilly walk this morning.

  3. Faith---So glad you've finally got that Puggle of Your Dreams! He's adorable and your work is lovely. Anaïs has all kinds of doggie patterns & I'm sure she'll share some links with you, if you're still inspired.

    Best of luck to you and your furry bundle of joy!


  4. This is amazing job! You've got a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. Thanks so much!

    Marilynn - yes, I'll have to get in touch with Anais about that... Charlie LOVES sweaters.


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