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Coffee Table Books

Remember that Seinfeld when Kramer decided to produce a coffee table book about coffee table books? That was a classic. It really got me thinking about how to choose them, and how to group them.... take a peek at some people's choices:

I like to keep both an art book and a historical book on my coffee table... how about you? What books do you display?


  1. Great reference! I love coffee table books, however, I despise coffee tables. I mean, what if I decide to have an impromptu dance party? It'll just get in the way. So instead, I have my small collection of coffee table books stacked in a tiny pile on the chest that lives next to my couch.
    Having said that, that second picture you posted is kind of changing my opinion of coffee tables...

  2. Glad you liked the pictures... I know what you mean, sometimes a big coffee table can just add too much clutter!


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