Design Fixation: It's a Wrap


It's a Wrap

Sometimes buying the perfect gift can be a bit stressful (especially on Black Friday), but I thoroughly enjoy the task of wrapping presents. I bought quite a bit of Japanese masking tape fully intending to use it to wrap gifts, but I was interested in finding some other creative ideas. Here are a couple that I found:

Use ink stamps and markers to create custom-made tags.

Streamlined decoration and tag all in one.

My uncle used to wrap gifts in newspaper... and there's
nothing better than a gift hiding inside of a map.

And for some beautiful gift bags, try these. Now go mull some cider and get wrapping! And now that you have some wrapping inspiration running through your mind, don't forget to stop by Design Fixation this Sunday and Monday for tons of fabulous gift ideas. On the docket for Sunday are some special gifts for the ladies in your life, and Monday we'll take a look at some man-presents.

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