Design Fixation: Animal Instinct


Animal Instinct

Let's clear one thing up right from the get-go: I don't condone animal cruelty. But if the animal has already passed on to another life? Why not use the antlers as a beautiful accent?

Not your thing? Try some faux fur or an animal print to spice things up. Or perhaps a precious little white birdy?


  1. I came across this article and its grate and I found what i want and you are doing a grate job and the Animal Instinct photographs are grate. Thanks

  2. Thanks very much, glad you liked the post!

  3. oh my. that wooden cabinet on wheels in the first photo is just stunning. reason # 12,000,000 i need to buy a house so i can have room for things like that :) [chels]

  4. I know, isn't that piece just phenomenal? Seems like it might be a good DIY project....


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