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Happy Monday y'all! (This is mock enthusiasm - I hate Monday mornings). But let's persevere.... A couple of weeks ago I gave you some book recommendations, and now today I have some art and design movie recommendations. So pull up your Netflix queue and fire up the ol' dvd player - here are my picks:


If you're into typography, 
this one's for you. Buy here.


Learn about Frida Kahlo's 
passionate life. Buy here.

The September Issue

Intimate look at the magazine
industry... fascinating. Buy here.

Bomb It

Graffiti in all it's glory. 
Shepard Fairey makes an 
appearance. Buy here.


An interesting flick. Buy here.

And one that's in my Netflix queue that I haven't watched yet (I'll admit it's partially because I'm hoping his pugs are in the movie):

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Has anyone seen this one? 
Buy it here.

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