Design Fixation: What Are Your Favorite Blogs?


What Are Your Favorite Blogs?

I've stumbled upon many new blogs lately, the type of blogs that make you stay up past your bedtime, they're so good. I thought I'd pass a few along to you; here are three that I'm addicted to these days:

Automatism Succinct, well-curated and colorful.
Hearblack Gorgeous bring-tears-to-your-eyes images.
coco + kelley Unbridled enthusiasm for beautiful design.

Want to spread the word about a blog that you love? Leave a comment below. And don't hesitate to comment with the link to your own blog - a little shameless self-promotion is a-o-k with me. Who knows, maybe I'll even feature my favorite one in an upcoming post ;)

Image via Hearblack.


  1. That's a great one, thanks Margo!

  2. is a fun one.


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