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Points of Interest

I tend to avoid white walls after dealing with "renter's white" for so many years. But these images have begun to convince me that, if executed properly, white can be luxurious and inspiring. But I believe that a focal point of some sort is a crucial element of a neutral room. Take a look at these examples:

The light color scheme in the room allows you 
to focus your attention on this beautiful 
painting. Found at Automatism.

It's no surprise that I love this typographically 
abundant mantel. Found at Real Simple.

A bamboo headboard lends a natural feel. Via Style Files.

Bright wallpaper adds a focal point to a 
mostly white room. Found at Decor8.

Colorful pillows add interest to 
this neutral room. Found here.

My steel blue kitchen might be getting a neutral makeover soon.... Also, I wanted to say thanks to for featuring Design Fixation in it's new Future By Design project! Click here to read the article, where I delve into deep subjects such as technology's effects on blogging and artistic knockoffs.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for some inspiration of the paper variety. These images will knock your socks off, I guarantee it.


  1. It is great that Forbes has acknowledged your blog, your interview, keep up with your creative approach to your surroundings. Transferring your ideas into your life is the challenging part that you seem to have a handle on.

  2. Transferring your ideas to your life is challenging indeed... thanks very much for reading the interview!


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