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Paper Projects

Paper planes. Paper mache. Rock paper scissors. It's a part of being a kid, isn't it? But these projects have taken on a decidedly grown up feel. Have you done anything interesting with paper lately?

This appeals to the Vermonter in me. A cow sculpture - 
made with black paper. Found at Design For Mankind.

 A handmade 3D letter made from a vintage 
Superman comic. Pick one up right here.
Classic chairs.... cut from paper. Buy one here.

Newspaper flowers decorate a wedding 
reception. Found at 100 Layer Cake.


  1. {hi from california^__^}i luve these beautifully crafted paper flowers!} i've stumbled upon one post on pretty paper flowers on a wedding site {thecinderellaproject}, share with you:

  2. I had heard about that project, but I've never seen those pictures... how beautiful! I especially love the first image. Thanks for sending the link!


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