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{Good Taste} Guest Blogger Mike

Thanks to guest blogger Mike for stepping in with a new edition of {Good Taste}. He's a big wig in the wine and spirits industry... the type of guy who always picks a great glass of wine. Take it away, Mike:

Gin, where have you gone?  It seems as though we are a couple generations removed from a time when gin was king.  Gone are the days of the gin martini, the orange blossom and the Tom Collins.  Times change, trends come and go; but gin still remains the same classy elixir that fueled the Rat Pack and was the go-to bar call for a gentleman that would not be caught dead at a bar wearing anything but a suit.  Enter Right Gin. . .

This bottle exudes class.  Perhaps not the old-school cool of the a forgone era, but a modern interpretation.  Now, I am a sucker from a cool crest and this bottle sports a great one complete with stags, a crown, and a Latin scroll all with prefect symmetry.  There is meaning behind the crest and you can find out more at  I’m drawn to the simplicity of the all black labeling.  I also dig the juxtaposition of the ancient crest with the modern font and off centered label.  It’s all packaged in a squat bottle more reminiscent of a decanter.  Like the scroll says, there is a Right way.

There’s a great gin cocktail that was introduced to me by my friend Stefano at a little place called Artu in Boston’s North End.  It’s called a Negroni.  In Italy it’s an aperitif.  In the North End it’d be what you'd have two of to take the edge off after a hard days work.


- 1 part Gin
- 1 part Campari
- ¾ part Sweet Vermouth (or to taste)

Pour gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth into a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a rocks glass.  Twist an orange peel over the cocktail, drop it in and enjoy.  Salute!


  1. I have a sudden urge for a gin and tonic! Is it happy hour yet?

  2. Great job, Mike. Love the blog, love the bottle, but not sure I like gin.

  3. Faith has good taste in guest bloggers, who happen to have good taste in the gin as nice as the bottle?

  4. I'm not a gin-drinker, otherwise I'd chime in on this matter; I'll have to defer to Blogger Mike on this one....

  5. I think I know who that guest blogger is!! I remember his passion for "mixology" from years on the Cape. I remember him mixing up chocolate or strawberry syrup in milk, and rushing to Ben and Jerry's off Route 1 to to devour a glass of soda mixed with one of their decadent ice cream flavors. I think his talent was evident years ago!!

  6. Yum! Sounds like he's always had a love for beverages :)


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