Design Fixation: Fantasy Afternoon


Fantasy Afternoon

The other day, I got to thinking... the internet is an accommodating environment for make-believe; so why not create a fantasy lifestyle? The following is a visual storyline of my dream afternoon.

I'd like to be at a place with magnificent waves like these...

...while lounging here...

This Is Where We Live: A Novel

...and reading this book...

...wearing an alluring outfit such as this...

...while sipping on one of these...

...and having a leisurely dinner that looks like this...

 ...and ending the evening scarfing down one of these.

Where would you spend the afternoon if you could go anywhere in the world? What would you do?


  1. I absolutely loved this. If I may, it felt as though you extended us a tiny window into your I am thinking what my own fantasy would be..

  2. I was hoping it might have that effect... :)


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