Design Fixation: {Exclusive Look} New Photography


{Exclusive Look} New Photography

I have been working on a new photographic series, and I thought that I would unveil the first two pieces to my loyal design Fixation readers. I'm enthusiastic about this new series, entitled Decay. Each piece is original, and named for the chapter title of its vintage grammar book page.

I always aim to achieve a certain amount of ambiguity in my work, and I hope that allows the viewer to create his or her own interpretations and understanding of the photograph. So.... drum roll please.... here they are:

The Purpose of Expression. 2010. By me.

Argument. 2010. By me.

I always welcome constructive criticism, please feel free to voice your opinion on my new series. And if you know of any galleries looking for this type of work, please let me know - I'm always game to show my work in another exhibit!


  1. I am intrigued by your two new photos. Is there a story behind the book you used? Water damage? Age? Something you found as is?
    I guess the fact that I am asking questions means that they are working in a way you want them to...

  2. I'm glad you're intrigued... I bought the book a while back because I liked its aged feel and fading pages. Then I printed a couple of my more recent photographs onto pages that I ripped from the book. The pictures were taken underneath a bridge which was also decomposing due to age. Hence the rusty colors and dripping paint.


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