Design Fixation: Dreamy Vacation Spots


Dreamy Vacation Spots

It's becoming very obvious that I have a serious case of wanderlust. Last week I posted about travel-related things, and today I have some enviable vacation spots to show you....

How's that for an inspiring desk view? 

Yellowstone... by my adventurous friends C & I.

I'd love to be reading a book on 
this patio. Via Poppytalk.

A shared moment somewhere far away. Found at Bogus Blog.

What's the dreamiest spot you've ever been? And on the docket for tomorrow, a humorous piece by David Thorne.


  1. I have a limited (or non-existant) travel budget lately, so I've opted to do "staycations" in my favorite hometown, Portland Oregon. I love staying a night or two at the Jupiter Hotel, which is modern and chic and not at all the cookie cutter hotel you might get stuck in. I especially love the Marilyn Monroe room.

  2. Sounds familiar, Erin! I checked out the Jupiter Hotel online, what a wonderful website... thanks for passing it along :)


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