Design Fixation: {Alphabet Walk Blog Hop} The Letter Y


{Alphabet Walk Blog Hop} The Letter Y

Today I'm up to bat for the Alphabet Walk Blog Hop, devised by One Sydney Road. What? You've never visited One Sydney Road? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Welcome to those of you who are stopping by for the first time! So here's the deal-e-o: a number of different bloggers have each chosen a different letter of the alphabet, and photographed subjects that represent that letter. For example, "a" could be a photo of an apple, an airplane or even the letter "a" on a sign.

I've chosen the letter "y." Here's what I found.

 An actual "y" on the side of a newspaper dispenser.

I decided that someday I'd like to own
one of these beautiful white yachts ;)

Yellow flowers near the marina.

Yuck, what is that dripping from the bottom of the bridge?

Take a look at the full schedule for the Blog Hop... you never know, perhaps you'll discover some amazing new blogs!

All images by me.


  1. here from the alphabet walk! great job on your letter X! my favorite is the yellow flowers! have a loveLee weekend!

  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by! Loved yours as well. Godiva sounds delicious right about now!

  3. Great images, glad someone did yuck, I just couldn't find anything suitable. I covered 'Y' too! Have a great weekend

  4. Haha yes I deemed that photo gross enough to be labeled "yuck." Love your yellow finds!

  5. ha ha...the yuck photo is awesome!! now that's creative :) great job with your letter! and yes please to the "yacht"!

  6. Agreed, the yuck photo had me laughing a bit! Well done on your Y's!

  7. I actually thought the yacht was something in the shape of a Y. Fantastic shot.

  8. Thanks everybody, glad you stopped by!


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