Design Fixation: Reduce, Reuse and Re-sew


Reduce, Reuse and Re-sew

Do you have a pile of old shirts that you can't bear to give away, even though you never wear them? Well, today I have a solution for you... a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to tranform a regular old t-shirt into a stylish top.

The back is the real appeal of this top.

Remove the sides as shown above, leaving 
it a bit roomy for seam allowances.

Cut the neck area down to the desired shape.

Flip the shirt over and cut extra space for the 
back of the arm holes. Now try it on, 
and adjust the shape as needed.

Turn the shirt inside-out and sew straight seams 
up each side, stopping at the arm holes.

Cut a 4 x 1 inch rectangle out of the extra fabric.

Scrunch the fabric at the back of the shirt (where 
your shoulder blades would meet) and fold the 
rectangle over it. Sew, then flip right-side out.

Flip the whole shirt right-side out and trim 
hanging threads. Ta-da you're done!

All images by me.


  1. 1) Love it! Thanks for the tutorial!
    2) Definitely will be trying this myself soon
    3) You're adorable!

  2. Haha thanks! Hope it turns out well for you.


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