Design Fixation: Red Tape


Red Tape

And blue tape, and green tape, and striped tape.... Japanese masking Tape comes in all colors and patterns, and it is an easy and creative way to dress up a package or a greeting card. Here's where I bought mine.

It can also be used for many other purposes - you may remember this idea I shared with you recently using Polaroid photos. Here are a couple more ideas that I've implemented in my home recently:

Accentuate a plain window shade 
by adding a Japanese masking tape design.

Here's a close-up.

Give your clothespins a makeover, and use 
them to clip opened bags of chips.

And if you're still craving more ideas, click on over to iDiy. They love Japanese masking tape over there!


  1. Brilliant! I love that green/blue combination, too. :)

  2. Hi there, thanks for sharing this idea! We loved it so much we’ve put a link to it on our blog along with a few other MT ideas! Thanks again!


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