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More Papercuts

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a local artist named Joe Bagley. Joe creates beautiful artwork using paper and an exacto knife - you may remember my earlier post about his work.

Acquire in Boston's North End has begun selling his work, and held a fun kickoff party last Thursday where I had the opportunity to meet the artist. He described the process of creating one of his intricate papercuts, explaining that he only uses a certain type of paper (click here to see his paper guide) and that he cuts the back side of the paper so he must create the design as a mirror image of the final product.

I asked him whether he studied art in school, expecting that he's been doing these papercuts for years and years, but he told me that no, he studied architecture! They seem like two very different disciplines, but Joe has managed to combine them seamlessly:

For those Bostonians out there, that's Boston City Hall. Check out Joe's website here and visit his Etsy shop if you'd like to purchase some of his work. Stop by Design Fixation tomorrow morning for a little glimpse into my latest travels throughout the northeast.

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