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Frugal Flair

I thought I'd share a few of my own tips for living life in a money-conscious way. Today my tips pertain to music. We all know that feeding a music obsession can get quite costly, so here are a few ways to cut down on spending (I know that some of these tips don't benefit the artists so much, but let's all pledge to buy exorbitant amounts of music at full price once we become rich and famous).

1. Grab the "Pick of the Week" at Starbucks the next time you're caffeinating (located by the front registers)
2. Borrow CD's from your local library
3. Visit the free section of iTunes
4. See if any friends' bands offer free downloads - I've found some real gems
5. Do a CD swap with your friends

Don't forget to stop by again - I'll be offering more money-saving ideas every now and then. But for now, I'm off to the beach to take advantage of this steamy weather.


  1. A great resource for finding new, free music is Amazon. Seriously! They have a free downloads section of mp3s. A lot of the artists are folks I've never heard of, but I noticed today that Lee Dewyze (the latest American Idol winner) is on there, so you never know who you'll find!

  2. Thanks Suzanne, what a great resource!


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