Design Fixation: A Colorful Picnic


A Colorful Picnic

All this warm weather has me thinking about picnics an awful lot, and I've seen tons of colorful picnic gear lately. Especially when I was in Portland last weekend. I've never seen so many picnic baskets in one city.

Prevent grass stains in style. Buy it here.

Bring some lanterns to light your way. Via Poppytalk.

Pack your chow in these stylish containers. Pick 'em up at DWR.

 Some picnic inspiration found on Cup of Joe.

Don't forget the beverages! Buy these here. Via Mrs. Lilien.

If you're eating solo, don't forget to indulge 
in a little summer reading. I highly 
recommend this one. Buy it here.


  1. I like the pattern on the basket, could be a mosaic. I found you via Forbes interview. Wishing you good luck!


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