Design Fixation: Trend Alert: Bowls in the Bathroom


Trend Alert: Bowls in the Bathroom

I've been noticing a pattern in bathroom decor lately - large porcelain bowls (and not of the toilet bowl variety). Take a look at some examples below.

These are almost egg-like. Via The Beautiful Soup.

A giant bowl bathtub? Yes Please. Also via The Beautiful Soup.

I love this trend, although it seems like water would splash all over the place. Anybody have any experience with this? Do you get a slippery bathroom floor after washing your face in this type of sink? Learn more about different sink types here.


  1. I've seen some beautiful ones made out of swirled and colored glass, too.

  2. I've seen a few of those around too, they're also beautiful.

  3. I have had such bowls in my bathroom and my guest toilet for the last 5 years. I don´t see how the water should splash more than in a normal zink - I never had the problem in any of the rooms :-)

  4. Good to know. You're making me want one even more!

  5. I think the clear ones would be a nightmare to keep clean shiney!


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