Design Fixation: {Pin It Forward} What Home Means To Me


{Pin It Forward} What Home Means To Me

I'm lucky enough to be participating in sfgirlbybay's Pin It Forward project, the sequel to her Blog It Forward event held earlier this year. This time, the theme is what home means to me. Take a peek at some images that represent the idea of home in my eyes. (And click here to check out the original Pinterest Board).

 A welcoming kitchen, via Design*Sponge.

 Fresh produce, via The Style Files.

Worn hardwood floors, via The Goodie Life.

A warm welcome, via The Beautiful Soup.

Intriguing artwork, via This Is Glamorous.

Bright flowers, via Apartment Therapy.

Pops of color, via The Beautiful Soup.

Nostalgia, via The Beautiful Soup.

Plush furniture, via This Is Glamorous.

Calming bedroom walls, via The Beautiful Soup.

  Funky wallpaper (and a cute pooch), via Design*Sponge.

 Saturated color, via The Beautiful Soup.

While you're at it, check out Scatterbox's Pin It Forward post from yesterday. Then stop by Aesthetic Outburst tomorrow. And click here if you'd like to view the entire schedule.

In other news, Design Fixation's big GIVEAWAY will begin this afternoon! Don't forget to stop back later and enter to win.


  1. what wonderful, calming images you've selected. really lovely!

  2. Thanks Jodi! I love coming home to an oasis of calm :)

  3. oh, love this - and love that 'plush' furniture! beautiful pinboard and post! thanks for participating! :)

  4. I know, doesn't it look so inviting? Thanks for organizing! Love Pinterest, by the way.

  5. wow, love all the images you gathered, thanks for sharing!!!


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