Design Fixation: {Guess Who} The Answer


{Guess Who} The Answer

Now it's time for the answer to yesterday's {Guess Who} challenge. Click "Read More" for the answer, and the surprising disagreement between the actress and her father that I mentioned yesterday.

The answer to yesterday's {Guess Who} challenge is.... drumroll.... Ashley Tisdale! Did anyone get it right? It turns out that Ashley's contractor father built her house for her - and suggested that she install carpeting in her amazing walk-in closet, while Ashley preferred granite. But dads always know best - she ended up regretting her decision to use granite. I think a walk-in closet deserves something soft to walk on. What about you?

And by the way, I saw Sex and the City 2 last night.... oh how I missed those four fabulous girls :) Have you seen it yet? What d you think?

Via InStyle Magazine.

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