Design Fixation: Fate Led Me To....


Fate Led Me To....

....the Banksy street art I posted about the other day. I got off the T in Chinatown to try Market at the W Hotel, and I was completely turned around. I knew which street I had to go down, just not in which direction. Being late, I naturally chose the wrong direction.... but it was totally worth it because I found it! After seeing it in person, I noticed that he seemed to have painted over some existing art. I wonder what was there before? Here's my photo:

And now may I present to you the location: Boylston Street and Harrison Ave Exd in Boston's Chinatown. Click here if you're a map person like me.

While we're in the graffiti mood, (who am I kidding, I'm never not in the graffiti mood), look at what the ever-fabulous blog The Beautiful Soup dug up yesterday:

Eames chairs. With graffiti. STOP IT. I think the one in the top right is my favorite. You? Oh and by the way, Market was UN-believable - both the decor and the food. More on that tomorrow.

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