Design Fixation: Black and Yellow


Black and Yellow

And I'm not talking about a bumble bee. Look at these attractive examples of yellow and black decor:

Image via Design Is Mine.

Bright yellow via The Beautiful Soup, of course.

Buttery yellow, via sfgirlbybay.

Yes, I know... I have a minor obsession with yellow. And on a sidenote - I think I just jumped on the Glee bandwagon. I was trying to avoid it, I mean do I really need another show? I already have a Parenthood addiction. Oops.


  1. I love that colour combo - but I just can't get away from the bumblebee image! Especially when you've got black, yellow and stripes.. but these images prove that that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

  2. I know what you mean Katie, it's funny that there's such a strong connotation... but I think using plenty of white along with the black and yellow makes it feel less bee-ish.


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