Design Fixation: {Typeface Tuesday} Designer Panos Vassiliou


{Typeface Tuesday} Designer Panos Vassiliou

Centro Pro before....

Centro Pro after.

This week's edition of {Typeface Tuesday} examines the interesting process of designing and producing fonts. Here we can see into the world of Panos Vassiliou of the Parachute foundry in Athens, Greece. Above is the transformation of a sketch to the finished product.

Interestingly, Vassiliou did not start his career as a type designer: "I’m largely self-taught in type design. I studied Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. After working in the industry for a couple of years I felt the environment was too conservative for me so I decided to change direction and find another way to fuel my creative energy. Ever since my university years I had developed a knack for graphic design and typography, either by designing flyers for the underground music scene of the ’80s, setting type at a local printshop to finance my studies, or by taking part-time courses in magazine publishing and graphic communications at Ryerson University. It wasn’t long before I got involved with acting as part of a theatre company, founded a design studio with my girlfriend, while teaching at the same time at George Brown College. After I moved to Athens I published a monthly magazine and two years later I started Parachute."

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