Design Fixation: Two Pieces of Good News


Two Pieces of Good News

First, Design Fixation was recently featured on an fascinating website called Design Is My Thing. Their current project, called Small Talk, interviews 150 designers using a "micro-interviewing" style in which the interviewee is asked only 3 or 4 questions. The interviews are then posted on the Design Is My Thing Facebook page. I like this idea because it forces the designer to be short and concise, while it enables the reader to learn about a vast number of different designers.

So head on over to the Facebook page to check out my interview. It's #68. The one where I gush about Shepard Fairey. 

And number two on the good news list? I'll be showing a couple of my photographs at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs. The show will be at the beginning of June, and I'll be sure to take pictures of the opening reception.... below is one of the pieces I'll be exhibiting.

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  1. Congratulations on both of these great accomplishments. You go girl!


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