Design Fixation: Two Announcements and Small Cool Contest


Two Announcements and Small Cool Contest

Here comes ANNOUNCEMENT ONE: I've decided to take a more freeform approach to posts on Design Fixation. I strive for spontaneity in life, so why not follow suit here? You'll still see all of the same features but just not on any particular day. {Good Taste} is still alive and well, but you might see it on a Wednesday instead of a Friday. Or a Sunday. Why stick to a strict schedule if you're just not inspired about a particular topic on a particular day?

Now for a few beautiful images from Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest.

And onto ANNOUNCEMENT TWO: Next week will be WEDDING WEEK on Design Fixation! Each day I'll highlight something nuptual-related, with a special focus on budget-friendly solutions. Whether you're engaged of not, there'll be something for everyone. 7 days away and counting....

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