Design Fixation: Surprise Giveaway


Surprise Giveaway

Here comes a little heads up, are you ready? Design Fixation will be having a giveaway! The item in question is going to be kept secret for the time being, but I will tell you about the entry rules. You'll be able to enter once by noting your favorite online design or art resource. But you'll have a second chance to enter by blogging, tweating or posting a Facebook link to the giveaway. So I guess that's really 4 chances to win. The winner will be chosen at random one week later.

I'll announce the details early next week, so you'll just have to hold your horses until then. Don't forget to check back! (Here's a thought: to be sure that you don't miss the giveaway, add Design Fixation to your RSS feed by clicking "Posts" underneath the "RSS Feeds... Subscribe!" header at right.)

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