Design Fixation: {Make Yourself At Home} Take A Peek Into Mine...


{Make Yourself At Home} Take A Peek Into Mine...

It has rained SO excessively in the past week that yesterday my wall started leaking. My wall. These are the moments when I wish I had a landlord to call. Instead I'll be heading to Home Depot for advice on filling cracks in window frames.

Luckily this minor flood was not in the room that I had planned to show you on this dreary Monday morning. Lately I've been drawn to the color yellow, which you may have picked up on from my Yellow Fever post. Take a look at my bedroom below, with its subtle yellow accents.

On the right is one of my mom's amazing drawings 
from fashion school. Closer view below.

When I'm not pumping iron, I like to use my weights as bookends ;)
I'm thinking of painting them a happy yellow color....

Closet space is minimal, so why not display 
my fabulous new impulse buy?!

See how simple these flowers are to make here. And perhaps 
the jewelry shadow boxes in the mirror look familiar?


  1. Good job - That is really cute!

    I am curious - Do you have the Expedit bookshelf as a head board/no space between it and the bed or is there some space between them?

    Thanks, Lgrl

  2. Thanks! I have the bed right up against the book shelf, and it seems to work just fine for me. The only issue is that the shelves along the bottom can't be used because the bed blocks them.


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