Design Fixation: A Little Game


A Little Game

I once won a scavenger hunt when I was little, and I've loved them ever since. I thought it might be appropriate to host a grown-up version. So, as inspired by Marta Writes, welcome to my Blog Scavenger Hunt. Here's the nitty gritty: I've chosen 16 blog categories, then linked to the blog which I think most satisfies that description.

In the spirit of sharing new resources, feel free to spread the love. Create your own version of the list for your blog and link back, or post your favorite blog on Twitter or Facebook. Here goes:

Inspires the Most Trips to Home Depot: Apartment Therapy
Funniest Cat Videos: Color Me Katie
A Little of This, A Little of That: Marta Writes
Best Business Advice: The Bakery
Wine & Dine: Brunellos Have More Fun
Wedding Fever Inducing: 100 Layer Cake
Fashion Envy: Ascot Friday
Learn Something, Why Don't You?: Discover: Interior Design
Rhyme Time: Mrs. Lilien Styling House
Best Package Design: The Dieline
Most Relaxing Images: {This Is Glamorous}
Local Flavor: Design Boston
Eye Candy: The Beautiful Soup
New Kid on the Block: My Sundry Musings
Makes the Creative Juices Flow: The Scoop
Pure Awesomeness: Coco + Kelley

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for a big GIVEAWAY! And if you live in the northeast, go out and enjoy that beautiful weather. You never know when it might start snowing again.


Have something to add? Questions? Comments? I encourage creative conversation here at Design Fixation!

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