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Kitchen Inspiration

I've been collecting ideas for my upcoming kitchen renovation. It won't be anything crazy here, people, but I do plan to get new counter tops and (eventually) new floors. And of course I'm always looking for ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg. Such as removing some cupboard doors which I did last week. What a difference! I'll post pictures soon.

Anyways, here are some attractive kitchens with blue-ish grey accents and natural elements. Which is your favorite?

Kate Spade's kitchen via The Goodie Life.


  1. I love the first paint with soapstone counter tops. We installed soapstone 12"x12" soapstone tiles...bought the pre-made edge pieces...(Both from Vermont Soapstone) used epoxy mixed with graphite to fill in between squares..For an organized person (not me) the open shelving is visually spacious. If I were to paint my cabinets, it would be a gray blue...

  2. The soapstone tiles sound beautiful. And I'll have to look into Vermont Soapstone, I'm originally from VT!


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