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It's Official...

...I'm now a member of a CSA! Now some of you are saying, "what the hell is a CSA? You joined a secret society?" And some of you are saying, "you're just joining a CSA now?"

If you're part of the first group, here's the nitty gritty: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, where a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Interested consumers purchase a share and in return receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season. This benefits the farm because it receives funds ahead of time to pay for the upfront costs of planting at the beginning of the season, and the consumer gets fresh vegetables, usually at a discounted price. 

I think I'm most excited for fresh basil, spinach and tomatoes.... all the things my mom used to make me pick from the garden when I was little. She even made me go during my "fear of bees stage," when I would wear my Sorel winter boots everywhere I went. I didn't care if it was 100 degrees. But I guess that chore paid off in the long run, now that I've joined a CSA and bought 4 packages of seeds for my container garden. So what's your favorite summer vegetable?

If you're interested in learning more about CSA's, here are a few resources: 
Local Harvest
UMass Vegetable Program
Food Routes


  1. My RSS reader had this article next to your blog post...coincidence, or another part of CSAs plan for global domination?

  2. I think your reader has an agenda....


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