Design Fixation: {Good Taste} Westmalle Tripel


{Good Taste} Westmalle Tripel

Westmalle Tripel is a Belgium ale brewed by trappist monks. The beer is made inside of an abbey, and the concept behind the design was inspired by this abbey. The typography, bottle and packaging of the product reference the arch of a stained-glass window. At first glance, I noticed the bottle itself and the stellar typographical choices made by the designers. But the second I looked past the front bottle to see the very literal reference to a stained glass window, I knew this was the next feature on {Good Taste}. And the photograph further highlights this idea by using light effectively to create a silhouetted appearance. Absolutely spectacular.

And I know {Good Taste} always includes a recipe; but really, what type of recipe would I post for a quality brew such as this? Don't hate me. Just drink the darn thing and enjoy it.

For more photos of Westmalle Tripel, stop by The Dieline.

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