Design Fixation: Giant Rodent On the Wall


Giant Rodent On the Wall


After my post on the movie Bomb It last week, I've been all into graffiti. Turns out it's everywhere. Love this one... isn't the look on this rodent's face priceless? BUSTED... caught in the act of drawing a smaller rodent on the wall. And I love the design of the whole wall; all tagged up with bright colors on the bottom, two-color line drawing up top.

After last week's post, a reader wrote in with some excellent graffiti resources. The Beautiful Soup suggested checking out Known Gallery, and also Toast One for an amazing example of interior graffiti.


  1. Check out The Muse in New London Ct for graffiti artist. During NL's annual Sailfest, they have one street blocked off where graffiti artists can come to show their stuff and demonstrate their skills. Really neat pieces of gigantic art.

  2. Thanks for the info... all kinds of good resources!

  3. Wow awesome places to check out, thanks!

  4. awww thanks for the mention! glad you liked the links ♥

  5. Yeah, they were great... as is your beautifully curated tumblr page!


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