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Boston's Best Restaurants

I eat out a lot. Here's a compact little list of my favorite spots all over the city. Underneath the list are more detailed descriptions of the restaurants. If you're not from Boston this may not be very interesting; or MAYBE it'll get you to take that trip to Beantown that you've been pondering....

Breakfast: Union Bar and Grille (Boston)
Lunch: Darwin's Ltd (Cambridge)
Dinner: Butcher Shop (Boston)
Coffeeshop: Cafenation (Brighton)

Breakfast: Cappa's Track Side Kitchen (Melrose)
Lunch: Main Street Market and Cafe (Concord)
Dinner: All Seasons Table (Malden)
Coffeeshop: Lincoln Street Coffee (Newton)

Union Bar and Grille  $$$
1357 Washington Street in Boston
Union Bar and Grille is a great place to go for a liesurely Sunday brunch. Due to its location in the South End, you'll notice that both the decor and the clientelle are stylish. Not stuffy though, which is why I like it. The food is delicious, classic breakfast fare with a twist. I highly recommend the breakfast cocktails as well.

Darwin's Ltd $
1629 Cambridge Street in Cambridge
Not sure why they include the Ltd in the name, but it doesn't really matter once one of their sandwiches hits your lips. Their food is magical. The place is packed during peak hours, so finding a table may be difficult. But if the weather's nice, grab your food and walk over to Harvard Yard and have a seat on one of the benches for some good peoplewatching.

Butcher Shop $$$
552 Tremont Street in Boston
The Butcher Shop wins best Boston dinner spot because of its all-around fabulousness. There isn't one specific aspect that stands out, but rather many strengths which combine to make one saucy little eatery. The decor is reminiscent of a real butcher shop with out being overdone. The atmosphere is energetic but not stressful. The meat-centric menu is filled with excellent choices, and the wine list is well-rounded. And best of all, it's one of Tom and Giselle's favorite spots. So it must be good.

Cafenation $
380 Washington Street in Brighton
Cafenation is one of those amazing little coffeeshops that's got it all; phenomenal coffee, amazing food, and the perfect atmosphere. They even have free Wi-Fi. The only thing that needs a little work is their music selection. Most days I have no problem with it, but every now and then they'll crank up the volume on a hideous early '90's playlist. But this small complaint is minimal in comparison to everything else that Cafenation has to offer.

Cappa's Track Side Kitchen $
1 Grove Street in Melrose
Cappa's makes the best scrambled eggs I've ever eaten. Hands down. Add some buttery toast and unbelievable homefries, and you've got yourself a breakfast. Now I won't sugar coat it for you - the decor leaves something to be desired. But it just doesn't matter once you've started consuming your food.

Main Street Market and Cafe $
42 Main Street in Concord
This little joint makes a killer cup of chai, if you're into that sort of thing. If not, they make a good cup of coffee and a great sandwich. And an excellent cup of chili, great muffins.... the list goes on and on. Lots of seating makes it a comfortable spot to read the morning paper. And if I remember correctly, they even sport an old school screen door in the summer. How very New England.

All Seasons Table $$
64 Pleasant Street in Malden
(Image at top). All Seasons Table boasts modern Asian fare and a modern atmosphere to match. Don't let the address fool you, this gem looks like it belongs in the South End. The sushi is great, as are their main dishes. The Thai Basil sauce is out of this world. The only thing lacking is the bartender - a bit arrogant for my taste. But there's an easy solution to that... don't sit at the bar! The waiters in the orchid-flanked main dining room are very accomodating.

Lincoln Street Coffee $
15 S. Lincoln Street in Newton Highlands
This coffee shop serves a delectable latte. No doubt about it. They also have plenty of seating, free Wi-Fi and stylish decor without being too "Starbucks." They even have a couple of outdoor tables when the weather is nice. A great place to spend a morning doing some work, or just reading a good tabloid if the mood strikes you....

Images via Yellowbook, Flickr and Redfin respectively.

Now I'm off to Rocca in the South End for some dinner... I'll let you know how it is! And PS - if you haven't yet entered your name into the drawing for the big giveaway, there's still time. Just click here for details.

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  1. how could you forget about Neptune Oyster?!? killer food and right next door to Acquire. for shame ;)


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